Microcredit Summit

October 8, 2013, Manila, The Philippines

The Microcredit Summit Campaign brings together a range of organizations to promote best practices in the microfinance field. Facilitating the interchanging of knowledge, the summit, a 4-day conference held in 2013 in the Philippines, aimed to support the sector in reaching its goals. As a leading organization of its type in the renewable energy finance sector, Arc Finance was invited to organize and host a day-long pre-event workshop at this year’s summit, and for this purpose brought together high-level representatives from MFIs, energy enterprises, government entities and funding platforms to help engage MFIs on the renewable energy finance landscape. Arc’s event was entitled “Pioneering Small Scale Energy Finance Through Innovative Partnership Models.”

The workshop, organized by Arc with support from USAID and Sustainable Energy for All, presented four sessions that introduced various current and potential models for financing energy lending programs, and profiled innovative partnership models that spur efficiency and scale. Workshop panelists presented information on how energy products are being tailored in new ways to the meet the needs of the poor, and on creative financing mechanisms that are now available to end-users. These financing arrangements and the partnerships that produce them are among the most cutting-edge innovations in the microfinance sector today. View videos from the event ►