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Featured Projects

Business Models to Increase Financial Access for Clean Energy

With support from USAID, Arc Finance launched the Renewable Energy Microfinance and Microenterprise Program (REMMP) to test a range of business models that are designed to increase financial access to clean energy for poor people around the world. The goal of REMMP is to increase end-user access to finance by demonstrating the commercial viability of a range of consumer payment models (including microfinance, crowd-funding, remittances and pay-as-you-go models) and by facilitating investment for clean energy finance.

Partner organizations include: FWWB-I, Milaap, Bandhan, Basix-IGS and Simpa Networks in India, as well as SolarNow in Uganda.
Read more about REMMP.

Using Remittances to Finance Renewable Energy

Arc has rolled out a service that will channel migrants' remittances to fund renewable energy products for their families in Haiti. The project is being executed in collaboration with SogeXpress, a major Haitian money-transfer organization, and Food Express, a food-remittance business. The project is funded by the IDB and the Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund.

Arc Finance Partner Performance Management Tool

Arc Finance has developed and piloted a tool to help MFIs manage their energy divisions. The Excel-based tool provides insight into the social and environmental impact of energy lending, as well as valuable business information.

Water Infrastructure Monitoring in Afghanistan

Arc has been developing a mobile-based monitoring system to ensure the continuing performance of water infrastructure in Afghanistan. Built off of the Ushahidi mapping platform, the system allows communities to learn from one another to solve problems.

Developing an End-User Finance Scheme for Solar Products in Ethiopia

Arc is working with Stiftung Solar Energie (SEF) a German foundation that provides solar energy products to the poor. Arc has provided strategy recommendations and designed a robust energy-focused Management Information System (MIS) for SEF's program.

Rural Clean Energy – Latin America

In 2011, the IFC tasked Arc with develop strategies to increase the reach of rural clean energy in Latin America. Working with IDEAAS, ECAMI, and Emprenda, Arc and its partners (BASE and Poch Ambiental) advised the three enterprises on strategies for scale, new products, and carbon finance.