Private Sector Strategic Alliances


Ennovent is a new social venture that promotes entrepreneurs who advance innovations for sustainability in developing countries. Ennovent’s key financial instrument is a social venture capital fund called the “Sustainable Enterprise Fund,” which assists entrepreneurs to develop, finance, and manage their enterprises successfully and ensure the long-term impact of their innovations on society and the environment.

Micro Energy Credits
MicroEnergy Credits is an innovative company that enables microfinance institutions to receive revenue from the carbon markets when they lend for clean energy technologies, such as solar lighting, improved cook stoves, and biogas digesters. Microfinance institutions can use the revenue they receive to cover their operating costs for clean energy product lines, or they can pass on the funds to their clients, making clean energy viable for poorer clients.

Microfinance Transparency
Arc Finance is a signatory to the Microfinance Transparency Statement of Principles, which encourages transparent communication between suppliers and consumers of microcredit products and with all microfinance stakeholders by presenting information on credit products and their prices in a clear and consistent fashion.

SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise established in 1995, provides sustainable energy solutions and services to underserved households and businesses in India. SELCO aims to empower its customers by providing a complete package of product, service, and consumer financing through rural banks, cooperative societies, commercial banks, and microfinance institutions. SELCO currently employs about 140 employees in Karnataka and Gujarat across 21 energy service centers.

Other Supporters

Pryor Cashman, LLP
Arc Finance receives pro bono legal services from attorneys at Pryor Cashman. This premier New York law firm is known for getting the job done right and doing it with integrity, efficiency, and élan.

Arc Finance received pro bono creative services from Wunderman, which developed Arc Finance’s identity and logo. Wunderman’s global network of more than 20 companies includes over 130 offices in some 50 countries. In 2008 Wunderman was ranked thenumber-one marketing services network in the world. Wunderman is a part of Young & Rubicam Brands and is a member of the WPP group of companies.