Knowledge Products

Arc Finance offers clients a knowledge platform of practitioner experiences and cutting-edge innovation on end-user finance and energy/water services for the poor. Arc is in a unique position as a global institution with a network of practitioners that are pursuing innovations in microfinance and energy/water services to underserved communities. Arc collects and analyzes data from its partners, clients, the industry, and academics to identify new trends and new focus areas. The Arc team conducts research on key topics related to Arc’s engagements, providing distilled, high-quality information undergirded by practitioner experience to create Arc publications and knowledge pieces and to inform Arc’s field work.

Arc’s approach reflects our philosophy that practitioners have rich, unique expertise and knowledge that is profoundly valuable and pertinent to their counterparts in the rest of the world. Arc’s knowledge platform promotes practitioner-to-practitioner-based learning by providing these experts with a forum where they can exchange innovative ideas, lessons learned, and best practices. As the facilitator, Arc distills the shared information to create knowledge products. These knowledge products can then be transformed into training modules and courses, bringing global best practices and experience to local audiences.