Our Impact

Arc Finance is committed to measuring the impact of its programs in terms of increased availability of consumer financing for clean energy products and services. Arc also measures and reports on other indicators we view as important for our development agenda.

Impact under REMMP

Since 2012, Arc Finance has implemented the USAID-funded Renewable Energy Microfinance and Microenterprise Program (REMMP). Under REMMP, we capture and aggregate ongoing impact data from our REMMP partner organizations. Using a cloud-based monitoring tool, we continually measure:

  • Clients reached
  • Number of indirect beneficiaries of the program
  • Benefits accruing specifically to women and girls
  • Size and risk of the overall energy portfolio
  • Funding leveraged
  • CO2 reductions attributable to the program

Since 2012, REMMP has achieved impressive results, and, with our partners, we are now accelerating our impact. As of March 2015:

  • Over 82,300 clients have been provided with clean energy products
  • Over 411,500 beneficiaries reached
  • 70% of clients are women
  • 12 financial intermediaries have been supported in 4 countries: Haiti, Uganda, Kenya and India
  • Partners report an overall 653% increase in size of their energy portfolios, with strong repayment performance and a 0% PAR at 30 days overall for MFIs
  • Over US$12 million in investments has been leveraged to support the growth of REMMP partners.
  • Several hundred other stakeholders have been reached through workshops and exchanges