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Guadalupe Lopez de Llergo
Market Research Consultant

Guadalupe Lopez de Llergo

Guadalupe is the Co-Founder and Co-Partner of Mercaei, SA de CV, a leading market research firm based in Mexico City that has extensive experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research studies with a broad range of populations all over the world. For the quantitative projects, Guadalupe is responsible for the methodological design, field-work supervision, statistical, graphic and written analysis and report presentation. For the qualitative studies Guadalupe serves as a moderator, and is responsible for the methodological design, recruitment and logistics supervision, analysis and report presentation. Guadalupe has extensive experience training researchers, moderators and observers (qualitative studies), and supervisors, interviewers and personnel for data-entry and creation of catalogues (quantitative studies). Her projects include the following: social (client satisfaction and behaviour, design of new products, positioning and promotion campaigns); public (government evaluation, communication campaigns appraisal, programs and demand assessment); private (client satisfaction, image positioning and price architecture).

Guadalupe has consulted with a range of clients including Arc Finance, the Observatory for Decentralized Cooperation between the European Union and Latin America, Women's World Banking, Catholic Relief Services, as well as government agencies, market research and consultancy firms, and NGOs in Mexico. Prior to founding Mercaei in 2001, Guadalupe worked in microfinance for several years. Most recently, Guadalupe was part of the Arc teams that conducted remittance market research in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and investigated strategies for sustainable water infrastructure in Afghanistan. Guadalupe is proficient in Harvard Graphics and SPSS. She holds two master's degrees from Columbia University in New York, in Public Policy Administration and International Affairs, a Bachelor's in International Relations from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and a certification in microfinance market research from Micro-Save Africa. Guadalupe is a Mexican citizen, and is fluent in Spanish, English and French.